Game development – from concept to vertical slice to prototype

Posted by on Dec 8, 2016

Game Concept

Vertical Slice
The vertical slice helped the development team to explore the game mechanics and the game play, it also underlined the quality level the prototype needed to have.

Step 2 Exploration of the Yoshinami Art Style

The next step in the development was exploring the art and visual translation. How would the animation look? We played with the camera view. But the Gameplay did not work; the development team went back to the drawing board.

Step 3 The paper prototype

We had to test if the game play would work, so the team created a paper version of the game. If the gameplay was fun to play here, then the digital version should work as well.

The strategic Prototype

After the paper prototype, the rules had to be created and the battlefield needed to be animated. The strategic prototype was the version before the final version, the version of the game where it was only about the gameplay, before the Art style got integrated.

The final Prototype

The final prototype shows the complete integration of the Art Style with the strategic prototype. It also thought us a lot of which we call the wishlist for the next release, the Beta version.