Hiraeth, an exploration of the city

Posted by on Oct 8, 2016

In the world of the Legend of yoshinami, tribes of the labyrinthine city Hiraeth battle each other using their armoured shells. These battle shells look like big masks and act as a way for the pilot to focus their energies and launch attacks on their opponents. The ultimate goal for each fighter is to deplete the energy levels of their opponent and claim victory!

The battles take place in an arena in the middle of the labyrinthine city, The Crucible. In this arena two shells are positioned facing each other. Their positions are stationary. At the circumference of the arena a big crowd watches the spectacle. They chant the songs of their specific tribes and make beats to cheer on their warriors.

A big part of the game will be the exploration of the city and looking for resources. For the development of the prototype, the team created a trailer to show how immersive the city might be, once further developed.