Posted by on Jan 19, 2016


Ikati, the main protagonist, is a young hybrid of boy and cat, of uncertain origins and mixed chemical composition.
Ikati is very curious and restless, his character is gentle and kind. He has an indomitable spirit.
Occasionally his cat traits show up in his behaviours.
On top of it all he doesn’t like water that much, that is why he keeps a bandage on his nose.

He grew up in the lowest of the low quarters in the damp dark underbelly of Hiraeth, raised by a mixed group of caring low dwellers.

Ikati thinks he is already a full developed “Yoshinami Fighter”, he thinks that he is ready to be one and wants to prove it to others all the time. However his attempts to prove himself worthy of the “Yoshinami Fighter” title usually result in disasters of comic proportions.

He still does not know what the future holds up for him. A long journey of discovery and development awaits him, a journey that is going to take him through the unforeseen.