Thisisarobot Birthday Parties are just awesome fun!

Celebrate your child’s birthday with a creative and colourful art party at our studio. Run by professional artists, Creative Birthday Parties are super interactive, entertaining and a really nice surprise.

We offer many themed parties for kids 5 years and up. The most popular being, Design your own t-shirt / Bag and Puppet Lab – where everyone gets to make fun & crazy puppets.

During the day we always take time for presents and cake too! And when it’s time to leave, everybody receives a little bag filled with goodies and of course their own creation to take home and show off to all their friends.

It really is a magical day!


  • Birthday Parties take 2 hours.
  • The costs are between 20 and 25 Euro per child.
  • The costs include: all material, a little gift for each attending child and invitation cards.
  • The Birthday parties need to be attended by one parent.
  • Ages up 5 years old.
  • Birthday parties have a minimum of 6 kids and a max of 15 kids.