concept, art-direction, design 

To create a campaign supporting the release of the latest EA Battlefield game.
Thisisarobot combined live action with animation by inserting a real reporter, Ken Chappelle, into Battlefield’s animated war zone.
The reporter appears completely at ease in the setting and proceeds to hinder and disturb the players in the game. Chappelle is totally unaffected by the explosions and weapon fire and tries to interview the players, much to the player’s disgust.
The footage was all recorded live while thirty gamers played Battlefield. Ken Chappelle interacted with the game while standing in front of a blue screen. Chappelle then published his own blog discussing the dangers of war reporting and also published news concerning what was happening within the Battlefield was zone.

In collaboration with W+K Amsterdam and Smoking Mirrors London.


The campaign produced two hilarious, fast-paced RTV commercials. These 30 second spots drove the design for various print ads and the blog. Battlefield is one of the most successful EA Games titles ever and is considered a trend setter in the world of war gaming.