concept, art-direction, design, production

Based on the concept of the 12th man, which was used to create the TV ads, to develop the online part of the campaign around EA’s new FIFA Cup video game, which ultimately increased user familiarity with the new game features.
This unique online experience engaged games with the Myth of the 12th Man. Users interacted within the website by performing new football moves specific to the three pros involved in the game: Ryan Giggs, Roberto Carlos and Edgar Davis.
Those move sequences could be edited and be sent to a friend. Giggs, Carlos and Davis were shot in the breaks between the TV shots, in order to get unique footage and content exclusively for the website.
They actually became part of the 12th Man mythology discussing and acting upon the 12th Man story with 3 exclusive interactive interviews, which were ultimately controlled by the gamer. Online players took a journey from the locker room to the field in order to get in their moves and thoughts so to become the 12th man.
They passed through different stages and learned how to control the moves and discover new potential within the game.

In collaboration with W+K Amsterdam.

Involving the cross media creative digital team from the beginning of the campaign was a big differentiator resulting in totally original online content.
When the client saw the finished project for the first time, she cried of happiness.