concept, art-direction, design, online production, on-location production, Lomography partnership

To create a Heineken brand experience that connects directly to the interests and aspirations of young-adult consumers by bringing together fashion, music, photography, live painting and other creative expressions.
In a partnership with the City of Valencia in Spain, a run-down block of warehouses was selected as the location for Greenspace. Young musicians. Filmmakers and designers were invited to submit ideas online for a competition to fill Greenspace. The selected workshop participants were challenged by mentors to push their ideas further.
Rem Koolhaas acted as the design mentor, Matthew Herbert advised on music and Santiago Tabernero was the film mentor. All of the projects and installations were documented online, creating a place where like-minded people could share their visions and together re-build an urban space.
The project culminated in a one-week event where the renovated building was brought back to life. Each night there was a specific design, music and/or film event. International artists included Matthew Herbert, Derrick May, Jamie Lidell, Gilles Peterson, House of Diehl, Enrique Morente with Sonic Youth, and Antony and the Johnsons.

In collaboration with Scape Amsterdam.

A ground breaking, five day urban cultural regeneration event that pushed the boundaries of imagination in trans media and, after the event, left the long lasting legacy of a renovated urban space for the city of Valencia. Greenspaces Lomography project profiled 14,000 images from around the world onto an amazing Lomo Wall which generated intense interest from the international press.