design, online production, instore interactive screen content production

Create a new, innovative and digitally fluent international flagship store standard.
Conceptualize, develop and deliver interactive in-store applications and multimedia content for the flagship stores in: New York, Chicago, Mexico City, London, Helsinki, Moscow, Shanghai and Hong Kong.
The Nokia Design team and Thisisarobot partnered to create Nokia’s in-store visual style and user interface in order to create
consistency throughout Nokia’s entire brand experience. We delivered Bluetooth-controlled multiple on-screen applications, which were all connected to Nokia’s in-store mobile devices.
Multiple screen animations were utilized to promote specific areas of the store and to highlight specific store content. We also adapted Nokia’s existing TV campaigns for in-store use, driving home the multimedia campaign message.
Other in-store components included interactive product information cards, downloadable screensavers, animations, wallpapers and screen themes.
All of these elements served as premium gifts for Nokia customers and were displayed on all the in-store Nokia devices.
As an add- on to the project, Hanazuki designed the flagshipstore’s website which enabled direct communication between store staff and their customers.