online concept, design, art direction, production

Migrate the energy and emotion of Q-BASE’s Q-Dance events into online experiences -through playing mini-games that integrate video, audio and fan interaction- where visitors are transported to a virtual world that successfully captures the essence of Q-Dance offline events.
One of the four websites delivered by Thisisarobot centered around Defqon 1, the biggest hard style techno event in the world. It’s yearly theme, “No Time to Waste” was realized through a Monty Python meets Mad Max style. Using a mix of HTML5, Flash, Papervision and ActionScript, visitors can play at various games, crushing insects, shooting doom DJ’s, controlling space astronauts and more to reveal information of the upcoming Q-Dance festival.

Four different websites –Defqon1, Feestfabriek, Fusion and Climax- provided visual and experiential online play around themes related to each specific event concept. Hundreds of players filled the scoreboards of the games, showing their affection setting incredible scores.

Check the Defqon1 website