concept, art direction, design, production

To produce a commercial for Randstad’s Matchmaker campaign for both online and TV use.
Thisisarobot (formerly known as Hanazuki) challenged Randstad to allow the creation of a one-minute 3D animated commercial to support their Matchmaker campaign.
It was the first time Randstad had utilized either animation or 3D.
In only two weeks, Thisisarobot delivered the final commercial.
Thisisarobot conceptualized a futuristic world where humans and robots live together, hand in hand. The story centered around one robot that could not find his role in the world. His encounter with a Randstad Matchmaker changed the course of his life and helped him to define his role. The story concluded in a very “green” happy-ending where the robot helped people to plant trees through out their shared futuristic world.

In collaboration with Lemonade Amsterdam.

The Matchmaker was screened in Shorts TV in France, The UK based international Film minute Film Festival, The Bratislava International Film Festival in Slovakia, FITC in Toronto, FITC Amsterdam and Massive Territory in Kuala Lumpur.