concept, art direction, design, online production

Conceptualize and launch the new Reebok Fly Generation campaign in eleven EMEA countries.
Thisisarobot recruited online to find the new face for the Reebok Fly Generation campaign.
Creating a multilingual online presence for Fly Generation, the concept rolled out in 3 different phases. Using a fashion magazine look, the Fly Generation website invited target-aged girls from eleven countries to participate in the content. The applicants answered six simple questions and also submitted a favorite photo of themselves.
In the second phases, the profiles of the girls were visible online for the public.
The third phases saw the selection of a winner in each country and each selected girl enjoyed a professional photo shoot. Interview and behind the scenes videos were created featuring the winners from each county.
Thisisarobot worked closely with Reeboks team to assure campaign consistency and also manage the communication for each country involved the project.

Over 5000 girls from 11 european country uploaded their pictures and answered the questionnaire hoping to be selected as the testimonial for the The Fly Generation campaign.
11 girls where selected as winners and enjoyed a full professional photo shoot. It allowed Reebok to build better retailer relations, drove increased store traffic within the teen female sector, and facilitated credible PR stories and editorial content for fashion/street inspired publications for print and online.