concept, art direction, design, online production

Create an online presence for Reebok & Footlocker as they partnered to select one girl to become the face of their Ree-tone girl campaign for France, Italy and Spain.
Driven by the Ree-tone shoe design itself, which promotes better body tone, fitness took center stage over fashion. The website provided a home to a competition-like race to upload sport-focused images of potential Ree-tone girls. Instruction on elements like outfit, location and pose were delivered via clever video to help the applicants upload the perfect photo.

Over 2,500 girls from France, Italy and Spain added their personal images to the website. Winners from the three different countries were selected as finalists and participated in a professional photo shoot in a London studio as part of a three day Reebok event. Images from the photo shoot were utilized in all point of sale material in hundreds of Footlocker retail outlets across Europe.