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To create an online presence around the concept of The Third Place, which helped the launch of the Sony Play Station 2 in Europe.
The concept was accompanied by a David Lynch directed TV commercial, in association with TBW London and Hi-Res.
The Third Place is an online gallery where international artists were invited to create interactive installations. Users were immersed within The Third Place concept. Using surreal and dream-like visuals. The Third Place is a getaway into another world. It is a mental and spiritual place that is defined only by the individual. It is a place that is different for everyone; a place you must discover for yourself. It is all about exploration, discovery and adrenaline, but it is neither inside not outside, neither walking nor sleeping. The Third Place undergoes constant mutations through use and play. It is a place where the impossible becomes possible.
Contributors to the first phase included Joshua Davis, Insertsilence, Daniel Brown, Soulbath, Yugo Nakamura, James Tindall, Niko Stumpo, Han Hoogerbrugge an Hi-Res.

Produced by Hi-Res London

“This is far from an obvious promotional website” claims David Patton, VP European Marketing. “It’s constantly evolving. It offers little in the way of product promotion. It’s about defining the PS2 world in a way that appeals to core opinion-leaders.”
The third Place won Austria’s Net Vision / Net Excellence
Prix Arts Electronica award.

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