Thisisarobot creates fun and memorable brand events.

Working together, we can create a one of a kind installation that is tailored to your target audience and space requirements.

Everything is designed in-house, from game development to building and creating the actual installation.
We merge disciplines both digital & analogue to create powerful, brand experiences that are enjoyed by all.


Some of the installations Thisisarobot (formerly Hanazuki) has created, are:

Cinekid Installation: Fatty Bum Bum
Cinekid is the world’s largest multimedia festival for children aged 4 to 14. Each year the festival brings together over 50,000 children, parents and (international) guests to experience the latest in film, television and new media entertainment.
We were thrilled to be invited and dream up an interactive installation for Cinekids Media Lab.
For the event we created a video game called ‘Fatty Bum Bum’ – a strange and very hungry creature that lives somewhere in the universe.
Kids played the game surrounded by characters in a real life ‘plush’ world and using Wii controllers were challenged to catch as much food as they could for Fatty Bum Bum… and they just loved it!

Dutch Design Week
We were invited to create a space for Dutch Design Week. We designed a complete black and white living room where everything from walls to ceiling, closet, bed and chairs where covered with character based illustrations. Entering the room made everyone happy… including our characters which had a great time too!

StreetLab Fashion show
StreetLab was established to help young independent brands and creative people showcase their work.
For two years in a row, Thisisarobot (formerly Hanazuki) were invited to present their new collections.

Kleine Fabriek Installation
For the Kleine Fabriek Thisisarobot created a Viewbox with a complete bedroom inside that was populated with little creatures and every angle showed an other view.  On the outside of the box color markers were placed inviting kids to color the black and white drawings.