concept, art direction, design, production

To create the first complete Hanazuki-branded stationary line aimed at kids between 11 and 16 for distribution throughout Europe. Products included bags, agendas, notebooks, pencil cases and more.
It was a dream come true for the Hanazuki brand to be invited to create an entire school line for such a new and exciting generation kids. Other brand Stationary Team works with are Paul Frank and Walt Disney.
Using all of the Hanazuki past experience -as both students and as designers- they dive head -on into the creation of more than 400 original illustrations, which populated all of the items in the stationary line.
A variety of printing techniques were used to deliver the high-quality offerings, resulting in a handcrafted stationary line. Special features included customized agenda covers, special note pages, bookmarks, stickers, key chains, and even small stuffed Hanazuki puppets.

The Hanazuki line for Stationary Team sold out prior to the beginning of the school year.