concept, art direction, design

To create in-store installations for 61 department stores across The Netherlands for the yearly in store: Back to School, school Campus.
Working with V&D’s internal design department, Thisisarobot developed custom in-store displays to re-create a young urban environment, including walls and street-art pieces.
Extra large cut out puppets and hilarious animated cartoon shorts were visible throughout the stores, as well as in the display windows.
More then 85 unique designs were created for the project, ranging from small leaflets and shopping bags to more complex window installations.

The School Campus was most successful at the engaging kids.
They felt instantly at ease and confident in such a familiar and fun environment. The School Campus shopping bags and leaflets became instant collectibles.
Hanazuki’s stationary line, which supported the Hanazuki in-store experience, sold out prior to the beginning of the school year.