Thisisarobot Fashion Customize workshops are a great way to recycle your old clothes into new fashion pieces that you’ll love to wear over and over again.
In an open and creative space, we’ll teach you the key elements to successful fashion design and restyling.

Just bring in your pre-loved clothes and together we’ll customize them into a fresh new look. You can experiment with different materials, mix and match patterns, outfits and accessories to create anything you like.

This workshop is all about self expression and letting your imagination run wild.

Thisisarobot makes fashion fun again!

Workshop details:

  • The workshop takes 2,5 hours and costs 30 Euro, excl. material.
  • Email us when you are interested in this workshop.
  • Workshop is available on location.
  • Ages up 10 years old.
  • We need 4 people or more registered to start a course, once we have enough people we will pick a starting date.