If you love fashion then this workshop is just for you!

In a fun and friendly environment, Thisisarobot gives you the freedom to create your own style.

We’ll take you step by step through the process and in 5 easy lessons you’ll gain hands-on experience in figure-drawing, patternmaking, styling, right through to making your own one off collection piece.

You can treat yourself to an individual workshop or get together with friends and have fun as a group. Either way, Thisisarobot CREATE YOUR OWN STYLE workshops take a fun approach to fashion and inspire you to be trendsetters.

Workshop details:

  • The workshop takes 2 hours. Individual lessons are 25 Euro per hour. Group Courses cost 175 Euro (5 courses of 2 hours). Incl. material.
  • Email us when you are interested in this workshop.
  • Workshop is available on location.
  • Ages up 7 years old.
  • We need 4 people or more registered to start a course, once we have enough people we will pick a starting date.