This is a real classic for us!

We first started PuppetLab at Hanazuki, where we wanted to teach kids that art is an amazing tool for self expression and creative development.

PuppetLab is a magical place, full of colour and creative learning. There’s lots of material on hand like buttons, lace, fabric, glitter and stickers… so kids can go crazy making their own character puppet out of a sock, sponge or glove.

Suitable for children 4 years and up, PupperLab is a great idea for birthday parties or special events.

Over the years we’ve held workshops at such events as Sail Amsterdam, the opening of JeugdLand and Cinekid with amazing success.

We are thrilled that PuppetLab is stronger than ever and will continue at Thisisarobot… so come and let’s make puppets!

Workshop details:

  • The workshop takes 2 hours and cost 20 Euro per child.
  • This workshop works very well for Birthday parties.
  • If you are interested in the PuppetLab for your event, please write us for more information.
  • Ages up 5 years old.
  • The workshop has a minimum of 6 kids and a max of 15 child.
    At special events, this limit does not apply, as most kids finish their puppet within half an hour.