Wow! Cool Tee! : ]

Thisisarobot Design your own T-Shirt workshop is a great place to have fun with friends, learn new art skills and go home wearing the coolest tee on earth!

With lots of colorful materials to choose from, you can personalize your t-shirt with fabric paints, glitter, felt and special designs that is totally washable.

This workshop is awesome for kid’s parties and can be set up on location for special events.

Workshop details:

  • The workshop takes 2 hours and cost 25 Euro per person.
  • This workshop works very well for Birthday parties.
  • For the younger kids we usually work with a basic character shape that the kids can dress up.
  • It is also possible to design a Tote Bag instead of a T-shirt.
  • Workshop is available on location.
  • Ages up 6 years old.
  • The workshop has a minimum of 6 kids and a max of 15 kids.